sea anemone

Tricky to say, but not hard to spot. Look near the pilings just under water.

I spy at the port of manchester

Here are just a few things to look for when visiting the Port. How many can you see?

red rock crab

These tough little critters live under the water, but often a friendly fisherman will show you his catch.

orca whale

The I Spy grand prize goes to the lucky few that spot an orca whale. Keep a lookout because they do pass by and you might be a winner.

sea lion

Look out over the water and you may see one of these guys stick his head up, though it's more likely you'll hear them. 


Look on the pilings and under the docks to find where these guys hang out. Can you find their shells in the sand?

ferry boats

These big boats pass by often on their way to and from Seattle. Watch for their wake to reach the shore.


Don't forget to look up! Seagulls aren't shy and they may even share your lunch.

sea stars

Often seen clinging to pier and dock pilings. Can you see two stars in this picture?

bald eagle

This handsome bird was photographed sitting on our pier. Their white head and large size makes them easy to spot.

sea otter

Our furry friends have often been spotted resting on the docks. Maybe you'll see one, too.

just for fun

Ask a grownup to print these pages for you to color. Do you see anything familiar?