north & south floating dock replacement

2013 - 2014 - Thanks to strategic planning and secured grants from RCO, the Port replaced both the north and south floating dock assemblies in consecutive years. Marine Floats of Tacoma designed and constructed the eye pleasing docks with fish-friendly light penetrating grating, sealed floatation tubs, and fewer moving parts. Aside from a dramatic reduction in annual maintenance costs, these new docks are much more environmentally sound.

launch approach & main parking repaving

May 2014 - Through an expanded scope of work to a previous RCO grant, the launch ramp approach and main tow-vehicle parking area was regraded for improved drainage, new substrate added, and paved and striped to improve ADA parking and access.

Recent Projects & Improvements

Over the last ten years, the Port of Manchester has undergone an amazing transformation. The Port now features such amenities as an elevated boat launch, expanded parking, public restroom, and Pomeroy Park, our beachfront picnic area enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. By combining local tax revenue with grant funding from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office(RCO), the Port Commission has aggressively improved Port facilities for current and future generations to enjoy. The Commission would like to acknowledge the grant writing assistance of Kathleen Byrne-Barrantes of Grant Solutions as a major contributor to our success. 

Our Facilities

land acquisition & parking expansion project

2010 - The Parking Expansion Project addressed an ever-increasing demand for additional parking. Through the sale of general obligation bonds, the Port was able to acquire property contiguous to our existing parking lot. The property was then cleared and additional parking added with an alternate exit via Daniels Loop. The additional parking has proven to be one of our most appreciated improvements.

Stormwater improvements & pier replacement

November 2015 -  Phase II of the Manchester Stormwater Improvement Project is complete. Improvements to the Port included removal of the old stormwater pipe from the beach, a new foot pier, new walkway, new picnic tables, new sod, shoreline enhancements, and cleaner water for all of Puget Sound. Click herefor a time-lapsed view of the work.

west bank irrigation & landscaping

June 2017 -  Our most recent significant improvement was to add irrigation and new landscaping to the west bank of Pomeroy Park. As the plants mature, they will add color and stability to a portion of the park that had needed attention for far too long. In addition to the new landscaping, perimeter fencing was replaced, an outdoor grill added, and all of the park's trash cans were replaced to help keep Pomeroy Park cleaner. 

Bicycle rack

2013 - Not all improvements are major projects. In fact, sometimes the smallest projects can be the most fun. When we noticed people locking their bicycles to just about anything that wouldn't move, we decided to add a bike rack for our pedal-powered park patrons. 

High efficiency lighting & decorative flower baskets

2010 - As part of the 2010 Parking Expansion Project, the Port installed high efficiency LED area lighting and underground conduits. Removing overhead power lines greatly improved the view corridor and reduced monthly power bills by as much as 75-percent. Seasonal flower baskets add color and celebrate summer at Pomeroy Park.

pay station kiosk & automated payment machine

2013 - Utilizing the services of Manchester Water District staff, and VenTek Internationalparking solutions, the Port added an automated pay station to receive daily launch fees. The user-friendly machine allows boaters to use credit and debit cards, or cash to pay their launch fee. The machine also logs payment data and greatly improves security and accountability.