The Port of Manchester boat ramp is a concrete elevated ramp with a 14-percent grade to the water. On the north side of the ramp is a floating dock for loading and unloading only. The ramp ends at the 0 tide line, or Mean Low Low Water elevation. To ensure a safe launch and retrieval, users are strongly encouraged to consult local tide charts. The launch ramp is an elevated span with a MAXIMUM LOAD RATING OF 30,000 LBS. for tow vehicle with trailer and boat. Our water access is near the entrance to Rich Passage, and offers direct access to nearby Bainbridge Island, and Blake Island State Park. The waters off of Manchester are within the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Marine Area 10. The launch facilities were designed for day use and the docks are not illuminated. Overnight parking permits are available at our launch fee payment kiosk. 

The Port of Manchester requires a $7.00 launch fee for each day use and $10.00 for overnight parking. All  proceeds are used to maintain the launch ramp, parking lot and restroom. Payment is made at the payment kiosk directly adjacent to the ramp. Cash and credit cards are accepted, but please be advised that the machine does not make change.

30,000  lbs

Click on the buoys for tide chart information.

Our Boat Launch

For frequent visitors, an Annual Pass is available that eliminates the need to pay each time you launch. Annual passes are valid for the calendar year in which they are purchased, meaning all passes expire on December 31st. For boaters residing within the Port taxing district, the cost is $50.00. For those outside the Port taxing district, the cost is $100.00. Each pass offers the holder unlimited launches throughout the year.

To view a map of the Port of Manchester taxing district, please click here.