Overnight Parking Now Available!

Planning a trip to Blake Island or just a night on the water?

By popular demand, the Port of Manchester now offers overnight parking permits through our pay station kiosk. Simply select the overnight parking option on the menu screen, and enter the number of nights you'll be away. The machine will print an overnight parking permit receipt that you simply display on the dashboard of your vehicle. The $10.00 per night fee includes launch privileges and users may park in any available space.

The Port of Manchester will not be responsible for any damage or theft to personal property. 


"Mandy" the Baby Harbor Seal 

You may have noticed a new resident at the boat launch recently. A young harbor seal has decided she likes our boat ramp for laying around and enjoying the sunshine. Many of you have expressed concern about her health and wellbeing. We have contacted the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and they're monitoring her. On September 28th, a second attempt was made to relocate her away from people and traffic. If she does return, please keep your distance and do not feed her. Contact us at 360-871-0500, and we'll do our best to protect her until WDFW can respond.

Thank you all for helping us care for her.

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